maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2017

Welcome home, Celeste!

Say hello to Celeste! Remember how I told you I was really worried something might go wrong? Well, it didn't. He is really home, and I love him into bits. Even if I still need to find or make him his own wig (it should be scarlet) and get him a new body. Because his current one is a female one. With boobs and all. I think the current body would make his partner rather confused...

Of course I couldn't wait to do his faceup. Here he is, in a awfully yellow lightning because it was already dark outside when I was finished. There is still some small details waiting to be finished, like his maybelline upper lashes. I have to trim them better once I find my better scissors. But apart from that, I'm pretty happy with current the outcome!

I took few more pictures on the next morning, but the lightning was still bad because of all the clouds. I tried a different wig on him, still the wrong color though. This one is actually MSD-sized, which still fits quite well! His head is smallish compared to some other SD molds. I also tried a different pair of eyes, a light blue one.

This is basically what I have been up to lately, so many essays to write! ;-;
Before this faceup, I never imagined Celeste having freckles, but while painting him the idea just struck me. I wanted to give it a try, I could always wash them away if I didn't like them... Turns I didn't have to, I think they suit him perfectly.

I think Celeste misses his partner here. In their original story, Renate (who belongs to Dark!) has to work abroad time to time. And often in dangerous places too, like war zones. On the other note, look at those lovely little elf ears! Some of the Supia dolls come with changeable, magnetic ears, and even though Celeste isn't an elf, I just can't resist putting them on him. I'm a real sucker for elves...

There, there, I know how you feel... I have so many plans, but so little time! I hope I can take some time to sew some doll clothes and make some wigs soon. Before that happens, Celeste may have to stay blonde. Nothing to cry for, though.

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